The Best SMMA Course to get you started, fast.

Including Done For You Agency Start Up Features... 

Over 100 Videos of Tested and Proven Strategies That Will Help You Create and Massively Scale your SMMA in Less Than 90 Days!

Even if you have No Social Media Marketing Experience!


  • Instagram Growth Training: Charge more with Instagram posting services
  • ​ManyChat Training: Skyrocket sales with chatbots
  • ​Lead Gen Training: Software that helps get clients on demand


  • Over 100 Videos: The most accessible, step by step course available on the market.
  • Fully Loaded: Scripts, premade funnels, walkthrough videos of every process, and more.
  • ​​Done-For-You Agency Experts: Access to our preselected Facebook Experts, and Sales Closers so you don't have to do any of the 'work'.
  • Monthly Q&A: Live sessions with Michelle Andersen to troubleshoot all your SMMA questions and walk you through everything.
  • Mentorship: Lifetime access to a Private Community of motivated entrepreneurs just like you.


100+ Videos teaching you how to run your agency like a BOSS! ($4,997 Value)

Mindset Mastery is included so NOTHING is holding you back as you create and scale your agency.

Running Ads will become second nature after you watch over my shoulder to learn the tried and true methods that work! This A to Z in depth course is a beautifully crafted foundation as well as an ongoing reference guide.

SMMA Boss Private Student Group ($997 Value)

SMMA Boss Private Community is a group of highly motivated folks who want to create a savvy Social Media Marketing Agency just like you. 

You'll have direct access to me so I can address ALL your questions as you go...and celebrate all your wins with you!

Monthly Q&A Call  Michelle Andersen ($997 Value)

Coaching is included so you feel confident that someone experienced has your back. I charge my private clients $10k+ to work with me 1 on 1 and the best thing you can do is pick my brain for free! 

Build your SMMA with confidence and ask any questions from large to small about running ads, signing clients, and living as an entrepreneur.

Exclusive List of Facebook Experts ($997 Value)

Facebook Ad Experts will bring their expertise and experience to your agency so you feel confident selling your services. 

You'll have direct access to them so you can start getting clients immediately!

Exclusive List of Sales Closers ($997 Value)

Make Sales Easy when you access our pre vetted sales closers! With this exclusive list and guidance on how to work with your sales rep, you will be able to start your business right away!

Hit the Ground Running with someone else doing the hardest part of closing perfect clients for you!

Free Marketing Funnels ($1,997 Value)

Marketing is more than ads, and most SMMA courses leave you in the dust when it comes to funnels, an essential component to digital marketing. 

Plug and Play free Service and eComm funnels with detailed training on how to edit them! This alone is worth the price of the course!

Branding & Logo Guidance! ($997 Value)

Save thousands in design costs with my 15-minute branding guide. Learn how to expertly put together a logo and color scheme in minutes even if you're not that creative

Create a professional online presence instantly by modeling styles that fit your personality and magnetize the right clients.

Scripts, Sample Contracts and More! ($997 Value)

Expertly Crafted scripts will tell you EXACTLY what to say to close ideal clients even if you've never done anything like this before!  You'll also have a step by step process to find, sign on clients, and get paid! 

Budget Growth Tools will show you instantly how many clients you need to make your goals so you can achieve them!


Business Owners who want to use Social Media Marketing as their primary lead generation strategy, and want to scale their current operations.

New Entrepreneurs who want to create a business that will become a full time business or something more! Even if you have never used social media before!

Course junkies who already have the OTHER Social Media Marketing courses, but feel the FOMO of not having this one. You will definitely find some unique nuggets in here that are nowhere else! 

Newbies who want to make some extra bucks, have never started a business before and need something they can start easily and with zero dollars!

Social Media Marketers who have entered the industry but need help figuring out how to get clients and polishing up their skills running ads!

Employees who have a job and desperately want to leave it! If you are looking for the greatest opportunity to begin an online business no matter where you are in your career, this is it!


See What They Have to Say About the Course! 

 Cynthia - The experience has changed the way I approach my business. Details, step by step, concrete things you can do to move your business forward. That's what you're gonna find in SMMA Boss Course. 

Founder, Myer Family Business

 Emily - Michelle has put together the best of every course that's out there. Her mindset training is invaluable. You're not going to find a more comprehensive course about social media marketing than this one. Because I've taken a few, and hers is the best, truly.

Emily - Founder, Ransom Marketing

 Blair - I spent a lot of money on other programs and I can't thank Michelle enough for the amount of detail that is in this course! I feel completely comfortable now running ads. I've paid it back with one client and one on the way!

Coach & Digital Marketer, Money Manifesting Club

Kristina - I have found Michelle's SMMA Boss extremely beneficial. I was able to become aware of the potential in my business by running ads. I highly recommend you join her SMMA course! 

Director of Brand Strategy, Pixaura

Kattie - SMMA Boss is beautifully organized. Simple, yet very informative without unnecessary added information."

Founder of Online Coach Mastery

Ashley - I'm excited to take the next step forward in scaling my business into what I envision it to be.

Designer & Operator, Aqua-Tech Pools

Bob - Michelle is a smart lady. She helped me target the right audience of potential clients for my business.

Founder, DySoCo

Monica - Michelle has helped me eliminate the noise in my head and help me focus on the main factors that will impact the future of my business. This course has definitely been worth the time and investment.


Elizabeth - This course is beautiful! It’s all knowledge packed and easy on the eyes... and the content, I can tell will help me to get more motivated and focused, and as a result make a difference for me going forward with my business. I feel blessed to have you in my corner!

Coach & DoTerra Rep


Let me coach you to create the business of your dreams! 

My Mission Is to Make You Free...

Set your own schedule and work from anywhere. It took me a long time to figure out how to work less and live more so you don't have to. All my shortcuts are in the course.

Create an in demand business. Social Media Marketing is replacing all marketing. EVERY business needs to understand what you will become expert in.

Delegate and grow. If you want to set up your business on autopilot, you can eventually do that with your SMMA...and I show you how.

Be more you! Use the extra time and flexibility the SMMA affords you to have more time and fun. I was able to hire someone to run my other business so I can spend more time working alongside my kitties at home!


100+ Videos, Step by Step Over My Shoulder ($4,997 Value)
Private SMMA Boss Community ($997 Value)
Done For You Facebook Experts ($997 Value)
Exclusive List of Sales Closers ($997 Value)
Monthly Q&A Call ($997 Value)
Free Marketing Funnels ($1997 Value)
Branding and Logo Guidance ($997 Value)
Scripts, Templates and More ($997 Value)
Bonuses *Currently Available, Limited Time Offer* ($1991 Value)

Total Value ($16,481 Value)

Regular Price $1997

Today's Price $997



  • The best mindset training available.
  • ​Understand how to remove all obstacles to starting.
  • ​Learn how to utilize the coaching and group to accelerate your success.
  • ​Learn to delegate to contractors to free up your time.

Module 01

  • ​How to start your agency right away
  • Exact conversations to close and keep great clients.
  • How to get paid and what to charge.
  • ​Understand budgeting for each level of your growth to start and scale quickly.

Whether you have a business or this is your first will get everything you need in SMMA BOSS!

Module 02

  • A complete and focused approach to becoming expert.
  • Pages, Pixels, and Business Manager made simple.
  • ​How to start with expertise even the experts don't have.
  • ​Even if you are not technical at all, you will understand.

Module 03

  • Social Media Marketing concepts explained.
  • The most up to date marketing technology explained.
  • Complete understanding of a POWERFUL platform.
  • ​An emphasis on the highest converting methods.

No SMMA course has been put together so THOROUGHLY and SO SIMPLY as this one!

Module 04

  • How to spend the least amount gaining the right traffic.
  • Complete hacks to set up the best Campaigns possible.
  • Full explanation of marketing concepts even the experts don't know.
  • ​Hacks to make your ads more popular right away.

Module 05

  • Create amazing copy just like the big marketers do.
  • How to make ads that capture and convert.
  • How to model the best ads by the best marketers.
  • ​How to create winning ads, step by step, so you NEVER have to start from scratch.

Not only will you START Your SMMA, you will have the expert skills to deliver TOP NOTCH service!

Module 06

  • The ONLY strategies you need to focus on with your ads.
  • TESTED and PROVEN methods broken down explained.
  • ​Amazingly simple explanations to complex methods.
  • ​Putting it all together live for you so you have a reference with course updates frequently.

3 In Demand Bonuses

  • In demand Social Media Marketing Bonuses are included.
  • Explode your services with IG posting skills from A to Z.
  • Stay way ahead of the curve with Chat Bot expertise.
  • ​Expedite your client getting strategy 10x with one little known software - complete walkthrough.

Your highly qualified mentor has been around the business block and has your back...

Your Social Media Marketing Mentor, Michelle Andersen

 Social Media Marketing Expert and Entrepreneur

Hey! I'm marketing expert and mindset queen. My entrepreneur journey started with a Honda full of plants, trekking around Cincinnati, Ohio, building my landscape design-build business

Little did I know how bad I sucked at business until I realized I couldn't pay my bills. So I decided to master my craft.

Ten years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching, masterminds, and courses later, I had also become a coach.

The biggest relief came when, after loathing all the mindless networking and old fashioned marketing I initially used to grow my business, I applied digital marketing instead. 

Social Media Marketing took my little company from 60 hour hustle to 4 hour business I could run from home!

I had created an SMMA INSIDE of my business!

Any smart entrepreneur will do the same OR hire a Social Media Marketing Agency to help them create endless leads. Old fashioned marketing is dead!

If you have ANY questions deciding if this is the path for you, email me, Michelle at

Happy Business Building! MA

Will you join my amazing students and me to create your SMMA??


Speak with someone on our team to answer your questions..


FREE Strategy Session

Schedule Your Free Call With our Team

Ask any questions about the program, see if it's a fit for you, and see if I can help you with starting your online business. 

Talk to an insider who can tell you more about the details of the course.

If you are thinking of joining, but you just need more information, this call is for you. 

Let us know what your goals are and explore the next best steps for creating your Social Media Marketing Agency or running Facebook Ads.


What if I already have a course, do I need this one?

If you didn't get what you needed from the course you have, you need either more information, or more motivation. Hey, I'm a course junkie myself. I found that some courses are just fluff. I have spent over $250k on courses and coaching in the last decade and I tried my best to pack as much of the 'best ofs' into this one. Invest in all the shortcuts I provide for you and as long as you put them into action, you will be happy you joined!

Will this work in my country?

Absolutely! The course can be accessed from anywhere there is an internet connection and you can create your SMMA from anywhere. Join our current roster spanning the globe from USA to Australia and beyond!

What if I don't like the course?

No problem! Hey, I get it, sometimes you get excited and buy something then realize it's not quite a fit. I offer a 14-day refund policy. Hop in and try it on and if it's not for you, then reach out and we will process a refund.

How much time will it take to start my SMMA? Can I do this while I'm in school or at a job?

One of our first students consumed the entire course in one weekend and had her first client in ten it's possible to begin immediately. You can, however, take your sweet time digesting and building your SMMA. This is a flexible process you can hammer through all at once, or build into your current lifestyle as you like.

What if I can't afford it?

If you don't have $997 today you can opt for the 3-month pay option of $399 per month. You will be billed $399 today, then automatically billed at the beginning of the following two months.

If you STILL can't afford it, try applying for the PayPal finance option right here.

Start Your SMMA Journey Now!

(If you don't love it, I offer a 14-day refund policy. Guaranteed!)


*Eligibility for the 14-Day Money Back Guarantee is Contingent on Watching Less Than 40% of Course Material
 and Subject to Our Terms of Service Below.

*Refunds are given only when requested by email, by a member who has purchased the course less than 14 days prior, and has completed less than 40% of the course.

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Our technology and these techniques may not always be accurate, and creating an online business may not always be profitable. We cannot guarantee that you will make money or that you will be successful if you employ this or any strategy specifically or generally. Consequently, your results may significantly vary from Michelle's. All information is mentioned for informational and educational purposes only.

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